Postural pillow, anti-decubitus for head and neck

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  • Comfortably holds and supports the patient’s head. It is also used for lateral decubitus prophylaxis and is perfectly suited for sitting positions.
  • The cushions have been studied and designed in different shapes to support the different body regions and for the treatment of pressure sores.
  • Individually adaptable to any body shape.
  • Internal padding in organic spelled husks or class E flame retardant polystyrene microgranules.
  • Pillowcase in two-way stretch fabric, very soft, water-repellent, very comfortable to the touch, impermeable to liquids, permeable to air and vapors to disperse moisture from perspiration, antibacterial, anti-mold, anti-fungal, fire-retardant approved in class 1
  • External pillowcase available
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Spelled chaff, Polystyrene microgranules

Product description

The postural pillow for the head and neck responds to the needs of positioning during the different phases of nursing and has been designed to be suitable for the different morphologies of the patients during the execution of a protocol for the prevention of decubitus.

Pillows are also used for basal stimulation.

They are available with two types of padding.

The padding in class E flame retardant polystyrene microgranules has the characteristic of being a light material, elastic but resistant to pressure and which can be easily moved in the desired direction.It allows the supports to be slightly deformable and flatten, while under pressure it has a stable effect.

The organic spelled husk padding is a heavier material with a massaging, relaxing and breathable effect.

The pillowcase that encloses the padding is in highly breathable, bielastic, antistatic, bacteriostatic, fungostatic and self-extinguishing technical fabric approved in class 1. Very comfortable to the touch, impermeable to liquids, permeable to air and vapors to disperse the humidity of the perspiration. Where possible, remove the two-way stretch fabric cover and wash it at max 90 ° or sanitize the surface with a damp cloth and normal household detergents; it is possible to use sodium hypochlorite in low concentrations. Diluents and trieline are absolutely to be avoided.

For the padding in polystyrene microspheres, if necessary it is possible to sanitize to a maximum of 40 °.
Attention! even if polystyrene has a low absorption of liquids, the water penetrates the pores and with the repetition of the washing cycles, the microgranules may lose volume. The spelled husk, on the other hand, is not washable.

It is possible to purchase an external pillowcase in 100% pre-bale cotton canvas, removable and washable.

The dimensions can also be customized on request.

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