Loose spelled chaff – Organic filling for pillows

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Are you looking for loose spelled husks or organic pillow filling?

The spelled husk being permeable to air allows it to transpire very well, promoting a pleasant sleep. The massaging effect has a favorable effect on the spine and muscles, and is useful for muscle contractions, neck pain, headache, rheumatic pain, sinusitis, menstrual pain, inflammation. It is sufficient to place the pillow directly on the area to be treated, in contact with the body. Spelled husk pillows can be heated or refrigerated. Thanks to the nature of which it is composed, the spelled husk is able to absorb and retain heat and release it slowly. With heat, the substances are activated, reduce inflammation, decongest and naturally promote well-being and pleasure.

The spelled husk we use organic is of the TRITICUM DICOCCUM variety, derives from Italian organic cultivation and is very soft, light and not very noisy, unlike the Triticum Spelta spelled which often comes from abroad and which has a very leathery, rougher skin , pointed and noisy.

It has been dusted and cryotreated (sterilization treatment at very low temperatures without the use of chemicals); it contains up to 90% silicic acid, which has positive effects on the skin and even on internal organs. Thanks to the elasticity of the chaff (it rises continuously) you have the possibility to sleep without contractions.

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Hot use
  • The cushions can be heated at a low temperature on the radiator or near a heat source. Being dry, the spelled husk releases the heat very slowly. Do not heat the spelled husk to high temperatures, its properties are activated already at 36 degrees.
Cold use
  • Place the pillow in the freezer for at least 2 hours, taking care to protect it inside a plastic bag to prevent the fabric from getting wet. Use it where cold treatment is required.

The warm spelled husk is wonderfully associated with the virtues of aromatherapy.
Use: place the chosen essential oil on the previously heated pillow.


Spelled pillows are regularly shaken and aired in the sun and maintain their beneficial effects for 5-7 years. The cotton covers can be washed, the spelled husks cannot be washed. The pillow is not subject to the formation of mites due to the composition of the chaff itself.

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All Merrymama products have an ethical supply chain with fabric and accessories produced and fabrics on Italian territory. Design, cutting, sewing and packaging are handcrafted at the Dervio workshop on Lake Como.

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